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The Anti-Counterfeit Network Africa (ACN) and advertising agency QG Group Uganda have launched the League of the Genuine (LOG) campaign to draw attention to the growing problem of counterfeit and pirated goods



League of the Genuine LAUNCH VIDEO

“The amount of total counterfeiting globally has reached to 1.2 Trillion USD in 2017 and is bound to reach 1.82 Trillion USD by the year 2020 which includes counterfeiting of all equipment/products from defence equipment's to counterfeiting of watches.” The Global Brand Counterfeiting Report, 2018

About Counterfeits

What are counterfeits? Counterfeits are goods intended to trick consumers who rely on brand names and logos when deciding what to buy. Consumers seek out certain brands because of the product quality or other features they have learned to expect from those brands. Counterfeiters deceive consumers by placing familiar brand names or logos on fake goods that are not produced by the brand owner. These goods may appear safe and legitimate, but are manufactured and sold illegally. When you buy counterfeits, you are not actually getting the product you wanted to buy
Counterfeits can harm your finances, health, and community.

TOP THREE WAYS TO SPOT A COUNTERFEIT; Price, Packaging and Place 1. Price: Prices that seem too good to be true are a usually associated with counterfeit goods. When shopping, check that the price and product quality are typical of authentic goods. Take note, however, that counterfeiters may lower the price only a little to appear legitimate. 2. Packaging: Check certification marks and trademarks. Compare markings and packaging artwork to known authentic goods. Authentic packaging is usually high quality and the products are tightly packed. Look for peeling labels, low-quality ink or printing errors, and loose products inside the box. 3. Place: When shopping at a store or online, buy directly from brand owners or from authorized retailers.





The ED PSFU Gideon Badagawa says  “Since 2006 private sector has been asking parliament to enact the counterfeit law to fake good s on market thus scaring more investors in the economy.

He adds that apparently UNBS can’t regulate or penalize any person found guilty due to absence of the law”.


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