About Us

The Anti-Counterfeit Network (ACN) is a not-for-
profit registered entity that aims to bridge the intervention gaps between the multiple
stakeholders that affect and are being affected
by counterfeits and illicit trade.

Our Philosophy to work

We are firm believers in our values and the cause
for which we dedicate our time, resources, skills and
passion. We recognize that the call to tackle
counterfeits is not only complex and costly but also
politically sensitive

especially in the developing
African markets where our efforts are much
concentrated. In light of that, we approach our
work with this thinking;

What we do

As an intervention platform, ACN innovates and
implements strategies to combat counterfeiting
and parallel importation through some of these

Detailed research

Carry out research, market surveys and investigations.

Creating awareness

Creating awareness, championing advocacy and lobbying platforms.


Provide mindset trainings, structured dialogues and behavioral change centered communication to key sector stakeholders and the generic public.

Legal Redress

Providing legal redress for aggrieved parties

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