Anti Counterfeit Network Expo

The purpose of this event was;

  1. To bring to the forefront the implications of counterfeit practice to legislatures
  2.  To enable the sharing of best practice through the engagement of some of the stakeholders that are affecting and/or being affected by counterfeiting and parallel importation.
  3.  To strongly Stigmatize counterfeits and counterfeiters.
  4.  To promote the need for enforcement of Intellectual Property rights as a catalyst for innovation, hard work, Foreign Direct Investment and wealth creation.
  5.  To energize the legislative call for stronger and more responsive anti-counterfeit measures and laws.
  6.  To sensitize and educate Members of Parliament on the dangers of buying/using counterfeit products in the hope that MPs can champion the fight against counterfeits by pointing their constituents to simple actions that they can take to identify, shun and report suspected counterfeits.
  7.  To launch the “Don’t be Fake, Buy/Sell Genuine” program

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