‘KIKOLA NGA’ SYNDROME -It works the same as…

By: Humphrey .M. Kiingi ACTIVITY COORDINATOR Anti Counterfeit Network Ltd (ACN) Common to both the Quran and Biblical scriptures, the ancient story of Moses and the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt is told. I believe that some relevant insights can still be drawn from this story today, as we’ll realize shortly. Upon his arrival before the Read more about ‘KIKOLA NGA’ SYNDROME -It works the same as…[…]

The “Global Counterfeiting Outlook, 2018” report:

Dublin, June 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) ResearchAndMarkets.com The growth in the internet has provided many new avenues to illicit counterfeiters. The Global Counterfeiting Outlook, 2018 elaborates that web-based counterfeiters are using new advanced technologies to create an ambiance of luxury and an image of authenticity through very little financial investment. As per the report in Read more about The “Global Counterfeiting Outlook, 2018” report:[…]

The blind spot in the Intellectual Property debate of poor nations

Out of the 2,888,800 patent applications that the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) reported in 2015, about 40% were coming from Chinese innovators alone. (http://www.wipo.int/pressroom/en/articles/2016/article_0017.html) With those patent figures in mind, I tentatively listened to the official speeches during Uganda’s celebration of Intellectual Property Day that same year. I had been in the preparatory meetings Read more about The blind spot in the Intellectual Property debate of poor nations[…]

Anti Counterfeit Network Expo

The purpose of this event was; To bring to the forefront the implications of counterfeit practice to legislatures  To enable the sharing of best practice through the engagement of some of the stakeholders that are affecting and/or being affected by counterfeiting and parallel importation.  To strongly Stigmatize counterfeits and counterfeiters.  To promote the need for Read more about Anti Counterfeit Network Expo[…]


The government push towards middle income by having an estimated 5 million  working class Ugandans  earn a minimum  of USD 1,040 p.a ( approx. Ushs 3.7M) is an ambitious plan which is desired but may instead  benefit counterfeit business in the process. To understand the magnitude of the problem, you need to know that the Read more about HOW COUNTERFEITS WILL FAIL PLAN FOR MIDDLE INCOME IN UGANDA[…]

Ministry of energy/ACN to co-operate

A meeting was held today at the Ministry of Energy Boardroom A207 between Anti-Counterfeit Network Africa (ACN) and Ministry of Energy Officials led by the Commissioner Petroleum Supply, Rev. Frank Tukwasibwe. Other Ministry Officials who attended were the Principal Petroleum Officer (licensing) Mr. Disan Kiguli, Principal Officer (monitoring and inspection) Mr. Edward Nuwamanya, the Acting Read more about Ministry of energy/ACN to co-operate[…]

Energy ministry given ultimatum on petroleum suppliers

“Daily Monitor Jan-30-2017” An anti-counterfeit organisation engaged in fighting counterfeit and illicit petroleum supplies, has given the Energy ministry an ultimatum of up to tomorrow to crack a whip on illegal suppliers of petroleum products or face legal action. “We believe that the issue at hand needs urgent and unwavering attention and accordingly, if we Read more about Energy ministry given ultimatum on petroleum suppliers[…]

Complaint against illegal petroleum supply operations

20th January, 2017 The Commissioner, Department of Petroleum Supply, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Amber House, KAMPALA Dear Sir, RE:      COMPLAINT AGAINST ILLEGAL PETROLEUM SUPPLY OPERATIONS. We are a private organisation engaged in the business of fighting counterfeits and illicit supplies, promoting brand owner and consumer rights in Uganda and Africa generally using numerous Read more about Complaint against illegal petroleum supply operations[…]