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Counterfeit products and the mindsets that view counterfeit and illicit trade as an acceptable and affordable form of business or even source of taxable revenue have exposed our country to multiple costs that might not – in the short term – be apparent to the common eye.

Generally as a country, we have not deeply internalized the idea that the backbone of competitiveness and the prosperity of a nation in the increasingly globalized knowledge-based economies are both pegged on its Intellectual Property mindset and system. In the absence of adequate anti-counterfeit legislation and the absence of a clear Intellectual Property (IP) policy, funding or system for nurturing patentable innovations and enforcement of IP rights, Uganda might not be able to achieve its Vision 2040.

About the Expo and Discussion

The Anti-Counterfeit Network (ACN) in collaboration with Private Sector Foundation Uganda and other stakeholders is organizing an Expo and Discussion event that is scheduled to take place at the Member’s lounge within Parliament on Intellectual Property Day, Wednesday 26th April 2017. A keynote speaker at the event is the Executive Director of the Kenya Anti Counterfeit Agency, Dr. John Akoten.

The purpose of the Expo and Discussion event is;

  1. To bring to the forefront the implications of counterfeit practice to legislatures
  2. To enable the sharing of best practice through the engagement of some of the stakeholders that are affecting and/or being affected by counterfeiting and parallel importation.
  3. To strongly stigmatize counterfeits and counterfeiters.
  4. To promote the need for enforcement of Intellectual Property rights as a catalyst for innovation, hard work, Foreign Direct Investment and wealth creation.
  5. To energize the legislative call for stronger and more responsive anticounterfeit measures and laws.
  6. To sensitize and educate Members of Parliament on the dangers of buying/using counterfeit products in the hope that MPs can champion the fight against counterfeits by pointing their constituents to simple actions that they can take to identify, shun and report suspected counterfeits.
  7. To launch the “Don’t be Fake, Buy/Sell Genuine” programme

Fred Muwema
Director, Legal & Corporate Affairs
Anti-Counterfeit Network

The Anti-Counterfeit Network (ACN) is a registered member-based non-profit organization which aims to bridge the communication gap among multiple stakeholders

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