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The Anti-Counterfeit Network (ACN) is a not-for-profit registered entity that aims to bridge the intervention gaps between the multiple stakeholders that affect and are being affected
by counterfeits and illicit trade.

Anti-Counterfeit Network Africa is a leading company dedicated to combatting the issue of counterfeit products through a comprehensive range of services. With a mission to safeguard consumer trust, protect brand reputation, and foster a fair marketplace, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges posed by counterfeit goods.

What we do

Scope of Work

Global counterfeit studies recommend that, “Combating counterfeiters requires acting at the same time on legislation, regulations, enforcement, technology and communication strategies.”
ACN Africa is currently working in/with the following 14 sectors: PAB – PEEGCCCOMM:


A Counterfeit-free Africa.


To champion provision of robust interventions to mitigate the prevalence of counterfeit practices in Africa through:


Our Philosophy

We are firm believers in our values and the cause for which we dedicate our time, resources, skills and passion. We recognize that the call to tackle counterfeits is not only complex and costly but it also bears socio-economic sensitivities especially in the developing African markets where our efforts are concentrated.

Our Values

Expert Team

ACN was founded by Legal, behavioral change communication and marketing experts.

Fred Muwema


Richard Kawesa

Vice Chairman

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